History & General Information


KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation in the Russian Federation. KAMAZ PTC is one of the world's top 20 heavy duty truck producers.

The company is part of Rostec State Corporation.

February 16th 1976 witnessed the first truck produced on the banks of the Kama River roll off the assembly line of the automobile plant.

On February 15th 2012, KAMAZ produced its 2-millionth truck.

By early February 2017, the KAMAZ automobile plant had built more than 2 million 208 thousand finished trucks since the production launch.

The charter capital of KAMAZ comprises 35.36 bn rubles. The largest blocks of stock are owned by the government and commercial banks.

One single production base of KAMAZ PTC Group of Organizations incorporates the overall truck manufacturing cycle, beginning from design, manufacture, assembly of vehicles and components and ending up with sales of finished products and service backup.

The process flow group of companies includes several major plants involved in truck making business. The following operations are located on the industrial site in Naberezhnye Chelny: Foundry and Forge Plant, Engine Plant, Press and Stamping Plant, Automobile Plant, Repair and Tool Making Plant, Master Industrial Park. Major subsidiaries situated outside the limits of the City of Naberezhnye Chelny are NEFAZ PTC and TZA PTC (Republic of Bashkortostan).

KAMAZ Group of Organizations, today, comprises more than 89 organizations based in Russia, CIS and the far abroad countries.

By now, divisions and subsidiaries of KAMAZ PTC have employed nearly 36 000 persons.

In the first quarter of 2017, KAMAZ PTC sold 5,750 KAMAZ trucks (4,182 units for the same period last year). Sales of KAMAZ-5490 long-haul truck tractors grow from year to year, which testifies their high popularity with customers. KAMAZ-43118, KAMAZ-65115 and heavy-duty KAMAZ-6520 Luxe trucks with a comfortable cab are also the top sellers in a traditional segment.